Leonteq AG (SIX: LEON), the independent technology and service provider for investment solutions, was informed by its founding partners of a number of transactions relating to their Leonteq shares. As a result, Lukas Ruflin family interests now holds 8.05% and Sandro Dorigo 2.45% in Leonteq, and Jan Schoch does no longer hold any Leonteq shares. 

Leonteq has been informed that on 26 October 2017, Lukas Ruflin (acting through his family interests) and Sandro Dorigo have entered into a backstop agreement with Jan Schoch for the ca. 785,000 Leonteq shares held by Jan Schoch, which are covered by the shareholders’ agreement between Jan Schoch, Lukas Ruflin family interests, Sandro Dorigo and Raiffeisen Switzerland. Under the backstop arrangement, Jan Schoch was granted the right to sell these shares to the grantors at a fixed price of CHF 56.00 per share at any time until 21 November 2017. At the same time, the backstop arrangement enabled Jan Schoch to exploit other means to maximise the proceeds from a sale of these shares during the 27-day period while having the benefit of the backstop. In the case that Jan Schoch would sell his shares by way of a private placement through an accelerated bookbuilding, the grantors of the backstop offered to acquire ca. 10% of the total amount of Jan Schoch’s Leonteq shares sold.
After market close on 26 October 2017, Leonteq was informed by Jan Schoch that he intended to sell all of his 1,053,527 Leonteq shares (representing 6.61% of the outstanding Leonteq shares) by way of a private placement to existing and new investors. Subsequently, Leonteq was informed by Jan Schoch that through an accelerated bookbuilding overnight, the transaction was executed by Credit Suisse as bookrunner, and the shares were placed at an offer price of CHF 60.50 as follows:

  • 946,527 shares with institutional investors
  • 82,000 shares with Lukas Ruflin family interests
  • 25,000 shares with Sandro Dorigo

Jan Schoch does no longer hold any Leonteq shares or options on Leonteq shares and is no longer party to the shareholders’ agreement, and the above-mentioned backstop arrangement has expired.

The table below summarizes the shareholdings of the remaining shareholders’ group members as known to the company:

Shareholders Number of shares in %
Raiffeisen / Notenstein1 4,626,397 29.02%
Lukas Ruflin family interests2,3 1,283,762 8.05%
Sandro Dorigo 390,082 2.45%
Total shareholder group 6,300,241 39.51%

1 Includes 462’325 shares subject to call options from Lukas Ruflin family interests
2 In addition, holds 462’325 call options in relation to 462’325 shares held by Raiffeisen
3 670’688 shares are subject to a lock-up agreement until 2025